Forever Student; An Introduction.

Remember how exciting it was to graduate?  Although I have to say that college graduation had a different (better?) excitement as opposed to high school graduation.  After all those years of hard work, it was finally over. And I had a degree to show for it.  It was time for the real world.  No more classes, no more papers, and no more cramming for final exams.

When I graduated I decided to play golf professionally, so it was definitely a change from all that school work. I used to dream about the days that I could give my FULL attention to golf.  I would not have to focus on anything else during the day except for becoming the best golfer I could possibly be.

Well, now that I am three years out of school and still playing golf professionally I went back to the one thing I did not ever think I would miss: school.  That’s right.  I enrolled in the Social Media Graduate Certificate program at the University of Florida.  I have only been out of school for barely a full three years before I genuinely miss studying.  Definitely never thought I would seriously use that phrase in my life.

I can honestly say I am very excited to start this program and I am looking forward to taking this class. I love golf.  Sometimes it seems as if it is my whole life, but I do have other interests.  And one of those interests includes social media.  But not just because I like posting pictures of my friends and I.  Moreover, I find it amazing how much social media has taken the advertising industry by storm.  I am especially looking forward to the client exercise.  I think it will be a great way to learn first hand how to differentiate a company from its competitors by using multiple social media channels.  I am also looking forward to learning more about each social media channel.  Currently I really only use Instagram, so I am excited to learn about every social media outlet and how they can all be integrated as one large advertising campaign for a single company.

Overall, I think this class will create a solid foundation of knowledge in social media moving forward.  I think ultimately it will challenge the mind in a creative and a practical sense.  I have grown to enjoy challenges. Without a doubt, it is the challenge in each experience that forces the individual to grow and rise above the status quo.



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