Customer Profiling

Understanding the customer is crucial in building a successful business and in developing a solid marketing campaign.  A company must understand its customer in order to market the products.  Indeed, the customer is the reason why the business was created in the first place. Moreover, in a business, there are three different types of customers: the end user, economic buyer, and technical buyer.  According to Professor Rhoads, the end user is a person who will be using the product day to day, the economic buyer is a person that makes the decision or has a heavy influence on the purchase of the product, and finally, the technical buyer will evaluate the product from a technical or functional standpoint.  I have profiled these three different types of customers for Diesel Fitness.

The end user of Diesel Fitness would be the professional rotational athlete.  For the sake of this profile, let’s say the professional baseball player.  The baseball player is the customer that will be using Diesel as a training facility on a day to day basis.  His age is 26 and income would be about $3 mil/year and he has been in the MLB for 6 years. Education would be high school and a couple years of college before getting drafted to the MLB. Typically, he makes decisions quickly and reacting to situations based on instincts.  He is very athletic and very good at defense on the field. He gets a lot of his news off of Twitter and he is very motivated and athletic and dislikes laziness. Furthermore, before settling on one particular gym he carefully evaluates all gyms in the area and talks over his choices with his agent, coaches, and peers/teammates. Finally, he picks a gym based not only off of good training philosophy but also off of good personality and atmosphere.

The economic buyer of Diesel is the investor.  The investor is 40 years of age, CEO of his own business, and earns about $2 mil/year. He was CFO of a professional sports team for 5 years before starting his own business. He has a Bachelor’s degree in finance and always makes decisions after a lot of research and based off of careful ROI analysis.  He mainly reads the Wall Street Journal and follows similar accounts for news on Twitter. He has excellent commercial judgement, and very good instincts in knowing what business will work financially. The investor understands that financial numbers are the product of commercial judgement (and success). Thus, he is very good at researching how much businesses cost to run, how many clients it can potentially hold, and how much advertising will cost. Overall, he researches and understands how much investment it will take to get started and ROI analysis.  Furthermore, he is good at Excel and has a solid understanding of how to research markets, products, customers, customer preferences, and competition. Finally, since he is investing in the gym, he has to understand how to spend money and still make money.  He picks a gym based on location, personality/atmosphere, and a good strength coach with a solid philosophy and understanding of athletes’ bodies.

Lastly, the technical buyer of Diesel is a strength coach.  He is 30 years old and makes $150,000/year. He worked University with college athletes for 3 years, and then 5 years at a sports academy before leaving to start gym. He has a Master’s in exercise science and makes decisions only after careful thought and research.  The coach likes motivated people and other trainers who understand how the body moves and how important strength through mobility is for rotational athletes, does not like laziness or excuses. Keeps up with athletes on social media and the newspaper. Furthermore, he is motivated, very smart, and is always researching innovative ways for athletes to train.  He understands the body and how it moves as well as what it needs to gain more power and better athleticism in the sport. Finally, he is not too technological savvy.  He knows how to operate computers and social media but only on a base level. He is smart and not careless with money and thinks of business and needs before wants. He researches the best equipment at the lowest price and looks for a gym with good personality and atmosphere as well as a place that is in a good location and has an adequate facility for training multiple kinds of professional athletes.

These three customers of Diesel all have similarities and differences.  However, it is important for Diesel to understand these three types of people as these are the primary individuals who make up the gym.  Without each person, Diesel would not only be unsuccessful but also would not have been able to develop as a business in the first place.


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