The Competition

I have carefully studied three of Diesel’s competitors and analyzed their websites along with their push pull marketing techniques.

The Compound: ASPI Training located in Tampa, FL.

Website Analysis: The Compound is Diesel’s biggest competitor since they are located in the same area.  Overall, I think that The Compound has a good website and marketing strategy throughout all social media channels.  The website is professional and fits the brand image.  The URL is predictable, however the first name you see is ASPI (applied science and performance institute), so at first I was not sure if I was at the correct website because “The Compound” is not anywhere on the front page except the URL and in very small print under ASPI. In addition, on the front page they label all of their different sections (i.e. training, physical therapy, health) very well.  But, the first two sections are ‘Training’ and ‘Personal Training.’  I found the two to be a bit redundant, especially since after the user clicks on ‘training’ there is the same tab for ‘personal training.’  There is definitely a lot of information provided but I would not consider it a negative element of the website. It clearly identifies its many different branches of business so the user can relate to and click on the appropriate link. Then it provides more than enough information for the user. Finally, the website is easy to navigate, however when I wanted to return to the home page I clicked on the large ASPI logo at the top of every page and it took me to a completely different website about the applied science performance institute.  In order to go back to the homepage I had to type in the original URL I knew for the Compound.

Push Pull Marketing: As far as push pull marketing goes, The Compound has a section that is easy to find on each page that connects the user to its social media channels.  It also has a ‘contact’ page in which the user can submit their information and receive updates and info on the company.  This is a classic push pull technique in which the user has actively searched for the brand and requested updates (pull), and the brand then sends the user updates and current specials or coupons (push).

Mobile Friendly and Social Media Buttons: The Compound website is mobile friendly and it also has its social media buttons on the website that will redirect the user to its accounts.  However, the Facebook link on their website is broken only when trying to access through mobile phone.  Twitter needs help- link to twitter leads to a page with no pictures and only one tweet.

IMC Recommendations: Compound does a good job of integrating its social media channels with its website.  Everything has the same thing and it is clear to the customer that it is the same company throughout all channels.  However, it would be better if Compound’s Facebook page was more of a continuation of the company updates.  Currently, the Facebook page is highlighting different professional athletes and explaining their techniques and the science behind it.  While this is definitely something users would want to read on a social media page, it would be better integrated with the brand website if Compound mixed the two.  For example, post updates about their athletes working out in the gym and different classes/specials they have, as well as the scientific posts.

Better Everyday Performance Institute:

Better Everyday Orlando is a professional sports training facility located in Orlando, FL.  Even though it is not close in location relative to Diesel, it is still a competitor.  Better Everyday Orlando has received a lot of recognition and notoriety due to their program called “Golfleticism,” which is a training program designed specifically for golfers.  This program has been highlighted on several different golf ads and channels including Golf Channels, Morning Drive talk show and a feature in Golf Digest.

Website Analysis: Better Everyday did a good job keeping the website simple and easy to navigate. I do like the layout of the website and the color scheme- definitely fits the expertise.  However, not a fan of the white block writing on the different links.  For some reason I found it harder to want to read it, did not seem “easy on my eyes.”

Push Pull Marketing: Similar to Compound, Better Everyday has a sign up form online (pull) in which the customers will receive updates (push).  Furthermore, Better Everyday has done a good job of push marketing with their branch of Golfleticism.  The features in magazines and on TV are examples of push marketing as well as world renowned golf coach, David Leadbetter, endorsement of the program.

Mobile Friendly and Social Media Buttons: Better Everyday is mobile friendly and does have social media buttons on the website that work on both mobile and computer.

IMC Recommendation: Better Everyday does a great job integrating its social media with its website.  The user clearly knows the brand image and there is a lot of consistency between each channel.  The brand advertises its classes regularly on its social media pages and certainly feels like a continuation of the website. It is a great way to get to know the personality of the gym.  My only recommendation would be to keep their Instagram page more up to date with all other channels and website.  It seems as though it is lagging a bit with only 36 posts.  The content is good, but there is nothing about Golfleticism in the bio or posts.  Since that is a major branch and something the company is well known for, it needs to be on the Instagram.

IMG Academy:

IMG Academy is a competitor of Diesel and it is located in Bradenton, FL.  As a matter of fact, the head trainer at Diesel and the head trainer at Better Everyday both trained at IMG before leaving to start their own gyms.  IMG is a globally recognized sports academy that offers intense training to all different types of athletes.

Website Analysis: IMG Academy is definitely a much bigger brand/website, however the information on the website is not too overwhelming. The website is visually pleasing and looks very professional.  There are clear navigation paths, however I felt as though there was not enough information given about each training program.  Just a short ‘blurb.’ People will always want to go to IMG due to the elite nature of the name, however the website did not give as much information about the programs as the other websites I researched did.  A potential customer would certainly need to call for more information as solely reading the website would not provide enough.

Push Pull Marketing Strategy: IMG Academy was the only competitor that I researched with a good SEO.  Simply typing in professional athletic training facility and it was the second website to pop up (pull).  Furthermore, identical to the other competitors, IMG has an area where potential customers can sign up for more information (pull) in which the brand sends the user updates (push).  IMG also has a great push marketing strategy.  I went to IMG for golf in high school and I received post cards in the mail all throughout college keeping me updated on what was going on at the academy.


Mobile Friendly and Social Media Buttons: IMG is mobile friendly and does have social media buttons on its mobile and computer website.  Below, you can see that on its mobile site it has a red ‘typing’ bubble in the bottom right hand corner. This follows the user every time they scroll and when clicked it leads directly to its ‘Contact Us’ page.  Great feature making it very easy for the user to find out contact information.


IMC Recommendation: IMG also does a good job of integrating its social media with its website.  Everything is consistent and the user can clearly tell the image of the brand.  It is a good mix of highlighting IMG athletes, training programs, and the science behind the techniques.  Below are some photos of the Instagram and Facebook page.



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