How I made a Carousel Ad for Diesel Fitness

Carousel Ads on Facebook and Instagram are becoming an important part of the digital marketing strategy for brands nowadays.  What is a carousel ad, you wonder? I am sure everyone has seen these across their social media feeds without actually knowing what it is (perhaps, it has even provoked you to buy a product).  A carousel ad lets brands showcase their product through a series of images, links, or a video in one single ad. Carousel supports up to five images per ad and can create a story or exhibit multiple and specific features of one product.  Facebooks has released that carousel ads drive 30%-50% lower cost per conversion and 20%-30% lower cost per click than single image ads.[1]

This week I created a carousel ad for Diesel Fitness.  As everyone is aware of from my previous posts, Diesel Fitness is a premiere sports training facility for professional rotational athletes located in Tampa, Fl.  It offers group training programs for MLB players in the offseason as well as individual training sessions.  Follow along below and I will take you through my step by step process of creating this ad.

First, if you are thinking about creating a carousel ad, your business must have a “business page” on Facebook.  This will allow you access to creating an ad.  Once in the carousel ad designer, you must choose a link for the “call to action button” to redirect the user to.  In this case, I choose the Diesel Fitness website.  Next, it is time to select audience settings.


The Diesel target audience is male and female ages 18-40.  Since part of the Diesel audience is its investors, the age ranges up to about 40.  It is located in Tampa, FL and I included interests to be all things fitness and wellness.

Next, is daily budget and duration.  Daily budget refers to the amount of money the brand will spend per day on the ad.  For Diesel, I picked $2.00 as daily budget which is about 1-3 clicks per day.  The clicks per day is an estimation of the amount of people the ad will reach through Facebook and Instagram.[2]  The more money spent per day on the ad increases the amount of clicks.  For example, increasing the daily budget to $5.00/day has an estimated 4-7 clicks/day.  Since Diesel is a smaller company and this would be its first carousel ad, I chose to stay on the low end of the budget. If the ad succeeds, then we can start increasing the budget.


Duration refers to how long the ad will run.  I chose 7 days because it is less money and it will be a good “trial run” for Diesel.  During that time we can advertise the business with the least amount of money and base the next ad off of these results.

I then chose the “call to action button.” This appears at the bottom of each image and it is what takes the consumer to the brand/product website.  I chose “contact us” so users will click under the notion of wanting to contact Diesel to hear about the programs/pricing/sessions.  I also chose the Diesel website as the call to action link.  The website provides all of Diesel’s contact info as well as more information about the gym.


For my first image I chose an action shot of a Diesel athlete training inside the gym.  I think it is a great image.  This athlete is clearly working hard.  Part of the gym is visible in the background as well as the red walls.  The caption is, “Train hard this offseason.”  This picture represents the essence Diesel; an athlete working hard to get better.  Also notice, that he is the only person in the picture and seemingly in the gym.


Next I chose another image of a Diesel athlete in the midst of training.  This athlete also appears to be working hard and is focused.  The red fence is visible in the background as well as a glimpse of the outside facility. Similarly, there is only one person in this picture. The caption reads “Your Team in the Offseason,” following the picture above in promoting Diesel’s offseason programs.


For the third photo I chose a group training session.  These athletes are doing group exercises to help each other get better.  The red fence is visible again as well as another section of the outside facility.  The caption reads, “Need a training program?” which invites users to contact Diesel for a program.


Finally, I chose this picture of new equipment Diesel received right at the beginning of the baseball and golf offseason.  The Diesel red is most prominent in this photo along with the logo and equipment.  The captions is, “New Equipment at Diesel,” advertising that prestige of the facility.


While these pictures do not tell a story, they certainly showcase different aspects of Diesel.  All of the pictures have consistencies such as the red coloring, athletes training, and the equipment.  Overall, these four pictures give the user a feel for the character of Diesel as a training facility and offseason team.  The first two pictures show athletes working hard.  These guys are straining themselves and pushing their bodies to the limit. There are not a lot of people in the pictures, no standing around and socializing.  The third image represents the team aspect of the programs, however even though the athletes are working together they are still working hard.  As a result, it represents Diesel as a gym where athletes work hard and get better by pushing themselves as well as each other.  The last picture sums up the logo and the gym with new equipment as a reminder to the user that Diesel is a premier facility, not only with the quality of athlete and work outs, but also with its equipment.

In addition, here is a picture of the mobile version of this ad.


The only problem I ran into were when converting this to the mobile ad.  At first I typed out longer and more descriptive captions, however I noticed that half of the sentence was highlighted in yellow.  I then received a warning that the entire caption would not show up to users using a mobile phone.


I had no further issues after I shortened the captions and made sure that no part of it was highlighted in yellow.

In closing, I hope this helps you to better understand what a carousel ad is as well as how to make one.  Online ads are very important to digital marketing, it allows the user to see attention grabbing photos that tell a story or capture the essence of the product or brand.  In addition, it is a very cost efficient way to market the different facets of a product.  Mastering the creativity of carousel ads is most certainly beneficial to every company.

[1] Facebook Business,  Feb 2017.

[2] Facebook Business,  Feb 2017.




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