How to Use Snapchat for your Brand

Every wonder how to use Snapchat to better your brand? Believe it or not, it is not simply an app used for sending funny pictures to friends.  In fact, brands use Snapchat all the time to increase engagement and raise awareness.  For example, Gatorade used Snapchat during the Super Bowl to create different lenses for its users to have fun with.  Serena Williams is pictured below using the interactive Gatorade lens. When she opened her mouth the Gatorade would pour onto her!

But, if creating a lens is not your style and you still want to incorporate Snapchat into your social media marketing strategy for your brand, then fear not! There are certainly other ways to use Snapchat. Keep reading to see how I used Snapchat to give individuals a closer look into what an average work out for a rotational athlete consists of at Diesel Fitness.

Creating a story is very easy and there are not too many steps involved. However, it is very important to first develop a theme for the story.  Instead of simply posting random pictures or videos everyday, it is beneficial for the brand to develop an actual story that the users can follow along with and stay interested.  There are several different ways to do this.  For example, the brand can use Snapchat to remind users to tune in by creating a snapshot into something live that may be happening later; or a brand can also use Snapchat to advertise a job opening.  Something that I have found to be particularly interesting is when sports teams or athletes use Snapchat to create a “day in the life” story.

I used a similar theme in which I chose to use Snapchat to take users through a typical workout of a rotational athlete at Diesel. I created a snapshot of each phase of the work out to give users a peek into what the rotational athletes go through.


This story could easily be implemented into Diesel’s social media marketing strategy.  It is similar to the “day in the life” theme because it gives users a peek into how a work out is structured.  When picking gyms, sometimes it is hard to understand what the philosophy is and what each workout will look like.  Creating stories such as the one above gives users an idea of what to expect at Diesel and (hopefully) entices them to check Diesel out for themselves!  Moving forward, Diesel could snap different athletes going through different work outs about once a month.  Keeping a consistent pattern to the Snap stories keeps users interested and it gives them something to look forward to watching each month.

In closing, I love Snapchat.  I use it personally but I also think it is a great way for brands to engage and have fun with the audience.  It is very easy to use and there are not many steps involved in posting stories or individual snaps.  It also has cool features such as, “memories,” which allows the user to save the snap and use again at a later date.  The only downside is that the snaps do disappear and as a result, it does not have the potential to reach quite as many users as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

I hope that you have learned a little more about how to use Snapchat for your brand.  It is such a fun way to engage the audience and raise awareness for the brand.  It provides a little variety to a social media marketing strategy, and if used correctly can greatly benefit the brand.




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