Content Communities

This week I explored two different content community channels and created accounts for my client, Diesel Fitness. Content communities are held together by groups of common interest, whereas social media is held together by pre-established interpersonal relationships.[1] In other words, content communities are usually filled with individuals who do not personally know each other, contrary to social media where generally each user personally knows who she is connecting with.

I explored and created a Pinterest and Flickr for Diesel fitness. Keep reading to see my thoughts on each channel!


image2 - Copy (4)

Check out the Diesel Fitness Pinterest page I created. For those who are not familiar, Pinterest is best described as a digital “scrapbook.”  The user or business can create a page with different boards (or categories) in which articles, pictures, recipes, workouts, etc. can are “pinned.”  Pinterest users can browse and pin items from fellow users boards as well as follow favorite Pinterest pages.  On Diesel’s Pinterest Page I created my first board titled, “Mobility and Stretching.”  I pinned different stretching exercises, rolling techniques, and also golf and baseball specific exercises.  In addition, I included a few pictures of the golf swing and baseball pitching motion just to give an example of how flexible these athletes have to be swing/throw on a daily basis.  Ideally, Pinterest could serve as a way for Diesel clients to find different exercises (and articles about fitness) that our company endorses.  Overall, I like Pinterest and I think it is a cool idea for businesses to add a different element to their social and digital media strategy.  However, I did have issues with the Pinterest website during this assignment.  I had trouble searching for different boards and was only able to search and pin off of my cell phone.


image1 - Copy (4)

Check out the Diesel Flickr page I created. I also really like Flickr.  It seemed very similar to Instagram except on Flickr the user can create “Albums.”  I really like this feature.  I think it gives the business the ability to categorize its posts so that it is easy for the viewer to look at the profile and better understand the company. I created an “MLB Offseason Training” album for Diesel in which I posted photos from the MLB offseason training program.

I also like the layout of Flickr.  Each album has a cover photo and a space for a small description and the home page also has space for a description and a profile photo as well as a cover picture.  I think this is a great way for a brand to showcase its personality, and the albums feature makes it easy to express all the different aspects of the brand. I found Flickr to be easy to use and did not have any problems with the website or the mobile app.

I hope you have enjoyed learning how I used Pinterest and Flickr for Diesel and are compelled to try it out for your brand!



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